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Aluminium: The bikes are made from an Alluminium alloy to make the bikes lighter. Weighing a total of approx. 17kg the frame has been designed to accomodate the battery as well as the channelling system for internal wiring.


Motor: High Speed Brushless Motor. Introducing the amazing Kranium high powered brushless motor. The Star gear system provides 98% driving efficiency providing enhanced battery life. The combined technology produces the lightest motor available in this category.


Power: A 36 Volt Li ion Battery. The Kranium battery has been integrated into the precisely engineeered frame to provide a sleek profile and a superb geometry which achieves a dramatic reduction in the overall weight of the bike.Panasonic high energy cells are used to power the motor to deliver the ultimate riding experience.


Brakes: The Kranium electric bikes use mechanical disc brakes to control the speed and stopping force on the bike. The disc brake callipers are colour coded to match the overall design and aesthetics of the bike.


Security: The battery pack is provided with the lock secure key system. When turned off and removed, the battery is locked into the frame of the bike thus preventing theft or damage.


Shock: RST Vita. The Kranium Electric Bikes feature RST Vita suspension which comprises of a fork crown made of forged alluminium and utilizing magnesium telescopic pipes with a 60mm travel distance. Combined with the superb Kranium geometry this produces a smooth high performance ride for both urban and trail use on variable terrains.


Comfort: Velo Saddle. Kranium Electric Bikes are supplied as standard fitted with The Velo Senso offering a variety of gender specific saddles designed especially for competition, performance, recreation and BMX riding styles. It uses its microfiber technology to deliver optimized performance and riding comfort.


Display: The Kranium Electric Bikes are fitted with an LCD information system providing the rider with a computer to record various attributes of the ride such as distance covered, trip calculator and power consumption.

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