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Better Impact: 1/3rd G-value during crash. When compared to a regular Polystyrene helmet, the Kranium liner absorbs an average of 3 times the amount of impact. On a standard kerb test, the user experiences 70g which is a significant reduction compared to the 200g which would have been experienced using a Polystyrene helmet.


Waterproof: Coated with agent. The helmet can stand up to the elements, as it has been treated to be sweat- and rain-proof. The design is topped off with a “waterproof acrylic compound” that prevents the cardboard shell from getting wet.


Sustainable: Made from recycled materials. Expanded Polystyrene Helmets are made from petroleum based products which are harmful to the atmosphere. The Kranium liner on the other hand is made from recycled paper and is made using a hand operated machine which uses no electricity as well.


Lightweight: 250g lighter. The Kranium Helmet is 15 percent lighter than typical expanded polystyrene or EPS helmets.

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